Al jazeera to be Seen in a new light

al-jazeeraLeading German wlighting designer Manfred Ollie Olma has recommended Robe’s Robin LEDWash 800 PureWhite SW fixture for the new state-of-the-art Al Jazeera broadcast studio in London. The studio located in London features 80 of these Robe moving lights.

Olma’s mo2 design is known for its lateral and out-of-thebox solutions to lighting challenging spaces, and they have also worked with Studio Hamburg and its various subsidiaries for many years on a diversity of TV and broadcast projects.

The 600-square-metre London studio is divided into two elements: the news studio and the news room. The hub of the main studio is a four-person desk in front of a video wall with a city view background, and a three-person talk desk with a news room background and a city view. The news room features workstations buzzing with activity and the general hubbub of global news gathering. This is a format common to Al Jazeera facilities worldwide, and mo2 design had the chance to work on both spaces simultaneously, ensuring complete visual continuity.

Ollie and mo2 design Project Director Matthias Allhoffs’ brief was to install a scheme offering the highest quality broadcast lighting in terms of uniformity, colour spectrum and perfect lighting angles to eliminate any shadowing on faces, etc.

The flexibility of mo2’s solution means that lighting states can be changed and tweaked quickly when broadcasting live on a daily basis. Due to the low ceiling height of the space – just 2.7 metres – the idea was that the lighting fixtures remained in shot and became a visible and distinctive part of the Al Jazeera London set designed by Veech Media.

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