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The company ploughs 20% of its revenue back into R&D to remain at the forefront of innovation One of the key strategies that SAM implemented in 2016 was …

The company ploughs 20% of its revenue back into R&D to remain at the forefront of innovation

One of the key strategies that SAM implemented in 2016 was the JIRA management tool to track all its systems. The company decided to pilot the tool with a few of its customers, which were given an online dashboard wherein they could track open support tickets and follow developments through the R&D process. SAM has also bolstered its workflow and media management team as this, along with IP, has become a key area of focus for the business.

SAM hired 74 people in 2016. While bolstering its workforce, it also carefully manages costs. The company works closely with British universities and runs a successful graduate scheme through which 10 outstanding young people joined it in 2016. The management believes that introducing fresh talent is just as important as finding experienced industry people to manage its evolving business. SAM has had ongoing recruitment drives in the R&D and manufacturing departments as well.

SAM delivers solutions that encompass the media production ecosystem. During 2016, the company looked to strengthen its entire product lifecycle through targeted investment. This led to improvements in production management and manufacturing capability. Around 20 percent of revenue went straight back into R&D. These investments saw SAM introduce new systems for product management and increase the automation in its circuit board manufacturing. It also filed for several new patents related to content streaming and biometrics. Over the last 12 months, it has introduced over 25 products to the market, all of which were a result of its heavy investment in R&D in 2016.

The key strategies of 2016 included the implementation of the JIRA management tool through which SAM was able to track all its systems. During the year, the company welcomed Phil Myers as IP Product Manager. Myers brought over 20 years of product management experience. The company also completed the acquisition of Mantrics, the Rome-based workflow and media asset management specialist, during the year.
Workflows are important to the company as it sees growing interest amongst its customers for opex, rather than capex, for their technology implementations. This has influenced some of the new product areas the company is expanding into, including pure software-based playout that can be run on generic IT servers but can also handle 4K.

SAM’s revenue growth was 20% last year while the rest of the market grew between 5% and 6% over the same timeframe. This is a clear indication that its investment in R&D is paying dividends as a significant part of the growth was driven by new products.

SAM has introduced the SAM Academy through which its channel partners can receive training either at its UK headquarters or via webinars and training sessions. It also hosted portfolio launch events around the world to introduce its range to new partners.

In India, the company works with authorised partners, including Transs Technologies, Shashi Enterprises, and Horizon Broadcast. SAM also works with all major systems integrators in the region, including RGB Broadcasting, Ideal Systems, Cineom Broadcast, VTI, AGIV India, Sun Broadcast Equipment, and SRSG Broadcast.

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