Broadcasting, Cameras & Lighting, Post-Production Equipment, Technology

Trick Or Treat

Clear-Com and MW Comm Solutions solved the tricky facility-wide intercom coverage requirement at Washington DC’s MGM National Harbor Theater By … 0 20
Post-Production Equipment, Technology, TV & Video Production

What’s up, dock10?

A leading UK television facility, dock10, has deployed IPE’s eMU3 automatic changeover units at its MediaCityUK studios By Pradeep Suvarna … 0 21
Broadcasting, Cameras & Lighting, Technology

The Man, The Mystique

To present how papacy influenced the world over the years in Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History, cinematographer Dane … 0 18
Broadcasting, Technology

Safe & Secure

Being prepared with layered security systems and detailed protocols is one of the best ways to protect valuable content By … 0 29
Cameras & Lighting, Technology

Visual Support

Given the plethora of options in camera support systems, we present the latest developments in key product domains—tripods, lenses, lighting, … 0 17
The Last Jedi’s filmmakers
Film, Post-Production Equipment, Technology

When The Force Is With You

Working hand-in-hand with Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s filmmakers, FotoKem’s creative and technical teams supported the movie’s global production on … 0 107
Cameras & Lighting, Film, Post-Production Equipment, Technology

An Expansive Visual Opera

SyFy’s space opera ‘The Expanse’ relies on Cooke 5/i Primes to accentuate its captivating visuals for season 3 By Pradeep … 0 94
Broadcasting, Technology

IP: Get, Set, Go?

Given the mounting evidence that broadcasting companies are keen to invest in IP solutions, how long will it be before … 0 108
Broadcasting, Technology

Adapting Scripts Into Images

There is no denying the writing on the screen – the story chooses the camera By Vinita Bhatia cinematographer is … 0 112

Digital Studio India - In conversation with Harish Samtani Owner, Stereovision


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